Corporate lobbying tends to thrive in the absence of public scrutiny, so the more of us who are getting informed and taking action, the better!

If you want to join the pushback against the corporate capture of the EU institutions in Brussels, here’s how to get started:

  • Get informed
    Find out more about Counter Balance and CEO’s work: Join our mailing lists (subscribe here: CEO, CB) to stay up to date with our newest publications. If you visit Brussels,  join one of the free guided ‘lobby tours’ of the EU quarter that are regularly run by CounterBalance and CEO, during which we provide either a general introduction to the lobbying scene or give a thematic tour looking at specific industries.
    The DIY section below also offers some tips for investigating corporate power yourself.
  • Spread the word
    Talk to your friends, family and colleagues about the threat which excessive corporate power poses to democracy. To help create greater awareness of corporate capture and the importance of lobby transparency and regulation, you can also contact your local, regional or national media to promote the coverage of these issues. Follow CEO and CounterBalance and share our research on Facebook and Twitter. (add share buttons!)
  • Get involved
    As an individual, join a grassroots activist movement or political group in your area to help curb corporate power and promote democratic decision making. As an organisation, join like-minded organisations, for example, in the Alliance for Lobby Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU). As a journalist, use the website for investigative projects, or contact us for comments.
    Find out if there is an organisation or group near you in the ALTER-EU or the CounterBalance network.
  • Support us
    Make a donation to help us continue our work.

Do-it-yourself: How to investigate corporate power

If you’re looking to research the world of big business lobbying, there are a range of free tools online that can help:

  • was built by civil society organisations to help members of the public get information about the EU. You can view access to documents requests to the EU institutions and submit your own.
  • provides essential data on lobbying in the EU institutions, with handy tools to search, sort, compare and analyse official EU lobby data from past and present.
  • is a central hub for data that is often scattered and difficult to access, allowing you to search, rank, and filter information on Commission meetings with lobbyists, MEP incomes from second jobs, and the statistics of revolving door moves between the public and private sectors.
  • revolvingdoorwatch offers in-depth analysis of key revolving door cases of commissioners, MEPs and other EU officials. Former lobbyists who have taken up jobs in the EU institutions are also featured.


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