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Along with 60 other civil society and non-profit organisations, Corporate Europe Observatory and Counter Balance have their offices in the Mundo-B building on the border between the Matongé and EU districts. The Mundo-B project was launched in the 2000s by a group of non-governmental organisations (NGOs or campaign groups) who wished to ecologically renovate a building in Brussels to be used for office space, shared meeting rooms, an organic café and gardens. The presence and activity levels of NGOs and trade unions in Brussels has been growing steadily over recent years but the playing field on which lobby battles take place between big business and these groups is still extremely unequal.

Civil society groups have also endured an ongoing counter- offensive from big business lobby groups that claim NGOs have too much power. These moves came in the wake of mass popular mobilisations lead by campaigners on the question of EU trade policy and particularly TTIP. Awareness on the part of corporate lobbyists of the potential impact of such campaigns has lead them to seek to discredit NGOs in Brussels and even campaign to de-fund them.